Anele Archer‚Äč

Hey Anele:

Your bio mentions you have a cat. What's your cat's name? RM

Hey RM: My cat's name is Spence. Here's a photo!

Hey, Anele

If you'd like a chance to have me feature your question on this page, please put HEY, ANELE as the subject line when you contact me. I will NEVER use your real name just your first and last initial and only if you say that's OK. Emails with identifying information will not be posted, (For example, Why is George Washington of Mt. Vernon such a tool? (That is just an example. I have nothing against the real George Washington.)) Your question can be about anything you'd like but keep it not super weird. A little weird is always fine!

Hey Anele:

Who's your celebrity crush? KL

Hey KL: Because of the restraining order, I'm not at liberty to say - hahaha. I do find Robert Downey Jr. quite attractive, though. He is certainly an iconic action movie hero. I should probably add Iron Man to my list of action movies I love.