Anele Archer‚Äč


Anele Archer writes romance, romance-action and women's fiction. She is fan of action movies like the Die Hard series, True Lies, and Batman vs. Superman, where the main character's reason for heroic action is love. She likes strong female characters who are realistic, down to earth, and up for anything. She loves male characters who are sexy and willing to risk it all to prove their love. Mostly, she likes people with flaws from all walks of life which makes for interesting writing, interesting reading, and interesting living. When not writing, Anele is thinking about writing to the point that she functions on very little sleep at times. Anele has a fondness for community theatre and is a 12-year veteran of her local drama group where she has participated in the ensemble and back stage as a scenic artist. She loves music of all types from metal, to gospel, to classic rock to rap. She lives by the mottos "It's later than you think," and "Live, Love and Laugh". She is proud of her Brooklyn accent. She works with people with disabilities and is an advocate for oral health. She resides in New Jersey with her loving and supportive husband and her children. She thanks YOU so much for YOUR support as she builds her writing career.